Freedom 251 to Refunded money

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Freedom 251 to Refunded money

Ringing Bells Company has created a storm by announcing the world's cheapest smartphone" called Freedom 251. Market experts were shocked and raised their doubts about anyone being able to assemble a mobile phone, leave along a smartphone, at such a small cost.

Now the owners of this cell phone company are trying to win trust of its customers with their decision of returning the collected money through advance bookings of 30,000 customers, in a week time. Ashok Chadda, the head of this cell phone company announced that they are going to return the total money of 76 lakh rupees money to customers' bank accounts through CC Avenue and PayuBiz payment gates.

Mohit Goel, managing director of Ringing Bells, has also reiterated that money of all 30,000 customers is safe and is being refunded and the company will now accept cash on delivery (COD) only. He also said "The Company has decided that we will, henceforth, offer 'cash on delivery' mode of payments for those who have placed an order for the Freedom 251 smartphone. This will ensure further transparency and clear any misgivings."

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