GHMC creates signature ringtone

 November 20 2015 at 9:11   332    GHMC HMDA LRS BPS Hyderabad

GHMC creates signature ringtone

IAS officer Janardhan Reddy is known for new ideas. He is known as a man of action rather than empty words. Whether he is in secretariat or in districts, his effects are felt in the quality of the work. Earlier, his work in the raising the performance of schools in Anantapur district received appreciation from all sections. Now, in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) he has begun experimenting with new ideas. 

Janaradhan Reddy, who replaced Somesh Kumar as the commissioner of GHMC a week ago, introduced GHMC signature ringtone to create awareness on sanitation, lifting of garbage, reuse of solid waste etc. 

The idea behind the ring tone is to remind the caller every time the importance of keeping the city and the areas one lives in clean. Whenever a person calls up the GHMC phone he would hear the ringtone and know about the step to be followed in sanitation. 

According to GHMC Commissioner and Special Officer Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy the main idea behind this ringtone is to involve all the citizens in providing better sanitation in capital city of Hyderabad. The ring tone has become operational today, he said.
“At present, about 1600 phones have been provided to all officials at various levels. On an average, each official receives at least 50 calls a day. Therefore, at least 1.40 lakh people would learn about the sanitation process through the new ringtone,” the Commissioner said.

The Commissioner said that the the GHMC had started supplying two dust bins,one for wet and another for dry waste, to all the residents in the GHMC limits, so sort the waste at the source. GHMC sanitation workers will come and collect the waste from the residents itself from these bins only.

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