GHMC elections : TRS Vs TDP

 January 26 2016 at 5:21   215    GHMC Elections TRS TDP BJP Congress MIM Hyderabad

GHMC elections : TRS Vs TDP

The war of words between TRS and TDP has started with respect to GHMC elections. Leaders from both the parties are busy with making comments against each other. TTDP Leder Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy has commented on TRS Government and now it has attracted attention of people.

So far in all the campaigning meetings, KTR, Ministers of TRS and other TRS leaders are referring to 'SHE' teams as the biggest achievement of TRS Government. They have ensured 19 month rule to ensure safety and security for women and girls in Hyderabad.

But Ravula Chandrasekar Reddy has given an immediate counter saying that only the Gold chain on KCR's neck stays safe and gold chains on women in city is being snatched by burglars. He said 'SHE' teams have failed to check this problem.

He further added that women in Hyderabad are so scared to wear gold chains and walk on the streets. They are clearly snatched by Chain snatchers coming on bikes. If 'SHE' teams are so effective as claimed by TRS leaders, why have they failed to catch these chain snatchers ?

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