Good News to AP People !!

 December 10 2015 at 9:56   308    Andhra People BJP Venkaiah Naidu Rajya Sabha Karnataka Nirmala Seetharaman TDP

Good News to AP People !!

Venkaiah Naidu who is considered to be the backstabber of Andhra Pradesh people may not be seen in the Rajya Sabha anymore if things go according to the BJP policy. Right now Bharatiya Janata Party is against its own leaders and they are seeking nomination to the Rajya Sabha for more than three terms. 

This is Venkaiah's third term and so far all three of them have came from Karnataka. His term expires on 2016 and this time he definitely he needs a nomination from Andhra Pradesh. Because the BJP's strength completely deteriorated in Karnataka Assembly and only one member can be sent to Parliament form there. 

Ironically the competition to Venkaiah is from Nirmala Seetharaman and his term also ends in 2016. So right now 4 Rajya Sabha seats from Andhra Pradesh will be free in 2016 and three seats will go to the TDP-BJP combine and one to YSRCP. 

TDP will give one seat to BJP and Venkaiah Naidu is having huge competition to get that one spot. If Venkaiah Naidu doesn't make it to Parliament, people of AP can be happy as they don't have to listen to his fake promises.

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