Google Says Happy Hacking

 March 20 2016 at 6:32   234    Programs Tech giant Google Hackers Google chromebook Happy hacking Social service organisation

Google Says Happy Hacking

Bub bounty rewards programs are becoming more and more common among tech companies, which is good for those of us hoping for safer hardware and software. Now Tech giant Google is now throwing a big challenge to hackers around the world to win as big as one lakh dollars of reward money if they could hack a Google chromebook.

Its well known that a call last year to crack its Chromebook's security system went unanswered. Now  Google is doubling its reward to $100,000. Google also says that any vulnerabilities - regardless of whether there's an official bounty - are potentially eligible for a reward, although the rules for qualifying submissions are relatively strict.

Google even ended its bounty announcement with an encouraging note: "Happy hacking!" One more good gesture is that Google wants to double the prize money if the winner wants to donate it to a Social service organisation.

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