Hema explains funny moments with mahesh babu

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Hema explains funny moments with mahesh babu

Superstar Mahesh Babu is known for his quite nature, plain talks and upright opinions whenever he is seen at public events. But what's our Dookudu star when he is shooting for movies? Is he the same silent and calm going guy on sets too? If we ask actress Hema, popular Hema aunty, she takes no time in articulating a big NO. See why.

Hema says, "Mahesh always pulls the leg of his co-stars with his sense of humour. During the making of both Murari and Athadu, I had some great experiences with him". Sharing an incident from the location of Athadu, she explained how Mahesh Babu called her "Anjaneyudu" and then he made fun of her sleeping habit.

For one particular scene in Athadu, Brahmanandam actually hurls a shoe at Hema, and that scene got edited out from the final cut. While filming that scene, the shoe has actually hurt Hema on her mouth and her lips got swollen. To maker her laugh, Mahesh joked on Hema this way: "Krishna Vamsi's Sri Anjaneyam shooting is going on nearby; they need an Anjaneyudu there, let's send Hema there, she will be apt", making a reference to her swollen lips.

Later when Hema was found sleeping on the sets of Athadu during late night shootings, everyone used to wonder. But one day she hasn't slept and then Mahesh is heard saying, "Hema akka will sleep now, arrange the cot and bonfire", quipping on her habits.

All these incidents explains how naughty Mahesh Babu is on his movie's sets. Presently the unit of Koratala Siva's movie is having such a grand gala time with the Superstar. On May 31st, first look of this film will be unveiled.

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