Heroine releaved about her bollywood debut

 November 29 2015 at 8:02   499    Kriti Karbanda Bollywood Raaj Reboot

Heroine releaved about her bollywood debut

Kriti Karbanda who sometime back turned Ram Charan's sister in ‘Bruce Lee’ is shooting for her Tamil debut film titled ‘Bruce lee’ opposite GV.Prakash. She is all set to make her Bollywood debut with ‘Raaj Reboot’ which will got to sets in Jan.

She says, “I expected a lot of drama when I signed my first Bollywood film, but this happened all so suddenly . I had first met Mukeshji (Bhatt) for another film. He then telephoned me asking me if I would do the latest Raaz film. I was initially apprehensive. But, when they narrated the film, I was assured I fit the bill and why they wanted me for the film. It is a very good role, where there are shades of grey for all the three protagonists. They have all been so kind and simple, not once was I overwhelmed when I spoke to the Bhatt family members. It has been one of the most cherishable experiences when signing a film in a long time“.

Revealing how she signed the film, she said, "I was unwell with fever and joint aches, recovering at home. I get a call from the team in Mumbai saying it was a good day to sign a film. I flew down wearing my crepe bandage and looking all haggered. The interesting point I realized only much later was that I signed my Bollywood debut, which is a horror film.

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