Hyderabad gets 6000 Year Old Water !!

 April 13 2016 at 6:24   1,016    Hyderabad Old Water Borewell National Geophysical Research Institute Scientists

Hyderabad gets 6000 Year Old Water !!

The rise of water scarcity just gets more each day. This should be ringing bells in everyone's mind. People are just sinking borewells deeper and deeper in search of ground water.

Scientists at the National Geophysical Research Institute said that in few parts of Hyderabad people are sucking ground water that has been in the deep pockets of the earth from 1,300 to even 6,000 years. The digging continues in such a way in order to find ground water.

Recently a 1400 feet borewell in Neredmet has found ground water and it is dated back nearly 6000 years. The study and importance of ground water dating back 1400 years and beyond were also found in places such as AS Rao Nagar, Toli Chowki, Banjara Hills, Dollar Hills, Uppal and Habsiguda.

People must understand the importance of Water and spend it carefully. Most of the time, during scarcity period, People just dig up borewells and try to find their needs through it. Extensive study and research is going with respect to this.

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