I am greedy !!

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I am greedy !!

Akshay Kumar says that he still has 10-15 years of acting left in him. The actor, who has come a long way from his initial Khiladi days, says that despite what people might think, he chooses his scripts carefully. “I look for a few things in a film — good script, the zeal of the director, and some speciality in the writer; I need to find the story unique. I even think that when I talk to the media about a film, I should have a lot to express. “Like for my next film, Rustom, I will have a lot to talk about it. So this is all I think about when I sign a film. But right now I cannot reveal anything about Rustom, except clearing your confusion — it is not on wrestling. I represent a naval personnel in the film.”

Akshay is a known prankster in the industry, but he always keeps things within limits. “The prank should just be funny, and the other person should not get hurt or mentally bothered. We as a team had a lot of fun on the sets,” he says about his Housefull 3 experience. Abhishek Bachchan, Akshay’s co-star in the film, took part in almost all of his pranks. Says Akshay, “Abhishek has a very different style of humour. This is my second film with him and his humour is more English. But he is a very cool guy, and even if he doesn’t think of a prank, he will always be a part of the prank, if others are doing it.”

Akshay says that he has not thought about directing a film, “I produce my films, but haven’t thought about directing yet. But never say no, anything can happen.” Akshay is also one of those few stars who is not active on social media, he says, “Some people write positive stuff, some negative. But everybody has a right to write, to think and to speak whatever they want to. Social media has its own benefits and sometimes things and people who are wrong get trolled heavily. I feel we shouldn’t pass any wrong comments about anyone unless we ourselves are treading on the right path. I also do not believe in hurting anyone’s sentiments, hence I rarely comment on social media. However, to each its own.”

When you ask him if he is content with his career, he says, “I wouldn’t say I am satisfied, in fact, I am greedy. I want to do more and more work and even  in five to 10 years, I guess I will still be the same as I am now.” Will he miss being a star once he gives up acting? “Well, I have done my bit. Aur kitna karunga? (how much more I will do?) I am sure I can continue working for another 10-15 years… there’s still some good work for me. When the audience gets bored of me, I will think about it.”

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