I Wanted To Commit Suicide !!

 April 04 2016 at 6:03   223    Suicide Madhu Priya Singer Marriage Srikanth

I Wanted To Commit Suicide !!

Folk singer Madhu Priya recently made headlines due to issues with her husband Srikanth. As per the latest reports, Madhu Priya decided to live happily with her husband. It is already a known fact that Madhu Priya married her boy friend Srikanth without permission of her parents,who rejected her marriage proposal.

In a recent media interaction, Madhu Priya stated that she want to live happily with her husband and also wanted to start new innings of her life On the other side, Srikanth is still not sure whether her parents are ready to accept him, but wants to live with Madhu Priya at any cost.

Madhu Priya further admitted that she was being criticized with videos and comments since her issue with Srikanth took new turns. She even revealed that there were many times that she wanted to commit suicide to escape the criticism from netizens. Madhu Priya also apologized for everyone for hurting with her personal unwanted drama. Finally, Madhu Priya learned her mistake and her issue came to an end with her clarification.

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