ICRISAT in partnership with Microsoft

 June 10 2016 at 7:44   291    ICRISAT Microsoft Hyderabad

ICRISAT in partnership with Microsoft

Sources from Hyderabad have stated that ICRISAT in partnership with Microsoft has developed a new sowing application for farmers combined with a personalized village advisory dashboard for Andhra Pradesh and these applications are expected to help farmers cope with the climate change and bring radical improvements for small-holder farmers in the state.

The Director General of ICRISAT has stated that they are excited to work with Microsoft to enhance incomes and improve the lives of small holder farmers, and this is going to boost our digital agriculture initiative in a big way.

The ICRISAT has said in a statement that when combined with other data collected from the Rythu Kosam project, it can create rich data sets that can be processed to build predictive models for the farmers. In the pilot that has been recently launched, information will be sent to farmers about the sowing date via SMS in Telugu.

ICRISAT is providing technical backstopping to Rythu Kosam, which is aimed at positioning the state among the best three performing states by 2022.

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