If Congress wins I'm CM : Jana Reddy

 June 24 2016 at 15:18   279    Jana Reddy Congress TRS KCR Telangana

If Congress wins I'm CM : Jana Reddy

Congress Legilsature Party leader Jana Reddy on Friday enthused the Congress followers meeting at Halia in Nalgonda, saying he would be the Chief Minister if the Congress Party were to be voted to power in the next elections.

He told them further that as the leader of the opposition, he enjoyed the same status as Chief Minister. He alone had the privilege. 

He reminded the followers that it was the Congress that had brought Independence for the country and given statehood for Telangana. 

Earlier, in another context, Jana Reddy said he was offered Chief Ministership in the combined State by the Congress high command, but he had volunteered out because he was a votary of separate Telangana.

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