If You Want beef : Vote for MIM !!

 January 26 2016 at 5:23   213    GHMC Elections TRS TDP BJP Congress MIM Hyderabad Old city Beef

If You Want beef : Vote for MIM !!

MIM chief Owaisi is renowned to play politics by stoking religious sentiments. He is known for many controversial statements and hurting Hindu sentiments by raising pitch for muslims. Now in the runup for GHMC elections Owaisi made shocking statements while campaigning in Old City, Hyderabad.

Owaisi asked people to vote for MIM if they want to have beef without any opposition.He said if TDP-BJP combine goes on to win GHMC elections they cannot eat beef in their life. He alleged that in Mumbai after BJP victory beef sale was banned for one week.

Opposition parties are blasting Owaisi for communalising the election campaign. MIM is facing lot of opposition these elections and it has to be seen whether Owaisi's beef politics will get them power.
With KCR's TRS leaving no stone unturned to sweep the GHMC elections Owaisi's MIM is feeling the heat and many analysts say this is the reason why he is resorting to desperate measures. 

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