Indian Hackers In First Row

 March 19 2016 at 12:45   317    Indian Hackers First Row 127 countries Potential bugs 800-plus researchers globally Indian bug hunters.

Indian Hackers In First Row

From when Facebook’s bug (a flaw in the site’s security) hunting contest has been started in 2011 so many hackers were reward for point outing potential bugs on its website. As per reports Indian hacker’s stands in first row by far the most paid till date by Facebook.

Facebook officials revealed that India holds top rank among 127 countries in terms of researchers contributing to its bug bounty program. They have estimated to have made payments worth Rs 4.84 crore to Indian hackers who have found loopholes in Facebook’s products’ security.

The social networking major has awarded more than $4.3 million to 800-plus researchers globally. The bounty a hacker gets paid varies based on the harm possible form that bug. Indian hackers aren’t just doing well in terms of quantity; Facebook says that they’re receiving increasingly high impact bugs from Indian bug hunters.

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