Indian suicide bombers to explode in Pakistan?

 September 29 2016 at 5:35   125    

Indian suicide bombers to explode in Pakistan?

Right after terrorist attack on army base in Uri,Jammu and Kashmir by Pak based terror outfit Jaish E Mohamad, Indians cutting across all sections are baying for Pakistan's blood seeking revenge. Patience among common people are reducing and with each passing day,everyone started questioning why PM Modi government is not executing military strikes.

They are unsatisfied with the Modi government launching strong diplomatic and economic offensive which is witnessing the isolation of Pakistan at various international forums like SAARC etc and also India itself is withdrawing MFN status and also review Indus river water treaty. In the midst of all this shocking news is comingout that Indian suicide bombers to explode in Pakistan. 

It is known that Shiv Sena for long has been extremely critical of PM Modi's honeymoon with Pakistan. Many times it questioned PM Modi's visit to Pakistan on PM Nawaz Sharif's birthday and now it sharpened its attack on PM Modi,demanding allout war against Pakistan. 

MNS, warned Pakistan actors to leave India with in 48 hours. At that time SP,BSP,Congress and other parties attacked them asking to send its cadre for war against Pakistan at the border rather than issue empty threats and chest thumping in Maharashtra. Now in a shocker President of Shiv Sena (Surat) Arun Kalal revealed that 28 Shiv Sena members hailing from Surat, Gujarat have offered to become human bombs for the destruction of Pakistan.Apart from it they also donated their organs to the injured soldiers in case of war between India and Pakistan. 

He said all 28 Shiv Sainiks had signed and submitted the memorandum to the Collector. Shiv Sena in its mouthpiece Saamna blasted Modi government saying "After Uri, many countries gave a tongue-lashing to terror, but we can swear that not a single nation has stood by India solidly," 

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