Indrani Mukherjea Suicide Attempt Is Fake

 October 07 2015 at 13:02   392    Indrani Mukherjea Mukherjea Maharashtra Sheena Bora Murder Case

Indrani Mukherjea Suicide Attempt Is Fake

Ex-media Tycon Mukherjea’s wife who is main accused in Sheena Bora murder case Indrani Mukherjea who attempted for suicide is not real. Couple of days back (on last Friday) police admitted in JJ Hospital, Mumbai for treatment that attempted suicide in prison by consuming the drugs more than the permissible limit. JJ Hosiptal doctors also said that her condition was crictical and she went to comma. 

Later on doctors stated that her condition is stable and she was discharged from hospital on yesterday. After her discharge from JJ Hospital, Indrani Mukherjea's statement has been recorded by Inspector General (prisons) Bipin Kumar Singh. She told Mr.Singh that she felt giddy while going through Bhagwad Gita on Friday and could hardly remember anything from thereafter. She claims to have faced similar health condition when she was at the age of 13. It also revealed as Indrani made it clear she never consumed medicines on her own during the period she was in jail and took them only as per the instructions of doctors present in the prison. Sources added that Indrarani said “Attempting suicide never came to my mind."

The questions are raising that who made this suicide darama and why? Why Doctors said that she was in critical and she went too comma? Why these all things happened on the day when CBI officials wants to record Indrani’s statement. Much answer less questions are raising on this issue. It might be recalled that Maharashtra government has handed over this case to CBI and enquiry needs to be started.      


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