Is Anushka threatened by Prabhas family

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Is Anushka threatened by Prabhas family

Anushka is learnt to be so upset with the result of ‘Size Zero’ through which she lost her value and money also for which she purposefully put on lot of weight. On the other and most important side, the affair she has been sharing with Prabhas since a long time which is to culminate into marriage is also facing a crisis, according to the grape wine.

It is heard that when the news of their marriage reached the ears of the members of the family, the family turned furious over her since they are looking forward to another bride for Prabhas from their own family. Though the marriage of sheer convenience in the film industry is so common, yet the family of Prabhas is not complying with the prospect. They are very seriously refracting the proposal of Prabhas to marry Anushka. According to the closes sources, Prabhas has become the sandwich between Anushka and his family members.

Prabhas hails from a family of Kshyatriya cast which is known for a high degree of traditions and customs. His predecessor, KrishnamRaju, has been working in the same industry since decades, did never entertain any affair of any kind. Trends and times may have changed, still they are holding fast to their traditional bonds. This became the main threat for Anushka. As the pair is planning to tie the wedlock once the ‘Bahubali 2’ will be finished, the family members also are seriously bent upon for the same point of time. In this sequence of events fast moving, it is heard that Anushka is overburdened with threatening calls from some of the family members. In the light of these calls, the manager of Anushka is heard to be afraid of continuing with Anushka as he is a well know person in the industry for so long. 

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