Is Sunny Slapped Jurno?

 March 26 2016 at 6:34   178    Sunny Leone Porn star Case Mumbai Gujarat hotel Daniel Weber Scandalous

Is Sunny Slapped Jurno?

Yesterday we had witnessed news which was published in some leading websites stating that Sunny slapped a reporter who asked her an indecent question.  Earlier, there were reports all over that a journalist bumped into Sunny and her husband in a Gujarat hotel corridor and asked about her rate for a night program as she was a porn star in past. Reports also said that Sunny asked him to repeat the question and gave him one tight slaps there itself and that taught him a lesson

However as per our sources nothing has been happened like that.  Sunny’s husband Daniel Weber also confirmed this news and he was shocked to hear all this and denied that such thing ever happened!

On the other hand in is getting common for roumer mills to cook stories on hot celebrities. There is no doubt in saying that Sunny Leone is one such hot celebrity that even fake news sell in her name if the rumor has got something scandalous about it.

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