Islamic State vows to expand : War on India

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Islamic State vows to expand : War on India

The increasing incidents of 'intolerance' that have created an atmosphere of fear amongst the Muslim minority community and the rise of Hindu nationalist fringe elements dominating the headlines in recent times, have not gone unnoticed in the world of Islamist jihad. Nor has the number of Indians who have fled to Iraq and Syria to join the ranks of the extremist militant groups or are amongst its ardent supporters on social media. Citing doomsday prophecies which say the Ultimate War will take place against the New World Order before the Day of Judgement, the group has made a direct indication that its future war strategy will include India among other countries.

The threat is made in a new e-book titled, 'Black Flags from the Islamic State' (2016) released online on jihadist platforms on Tuesday. Laying out its strategy, the IS has predicted how its war against the kuffars (infidels, apostates) will pan out in the coming year and provides 'guidance' on how to fight back the oppressors to defend religion and life.

The 130-page book, charts the history of modern jihad starting from the formation of al Qaeda in 1989 to the post 9/11 world which resulted in the onslaught of war in Iraq from which resulted in the birth of the previous manifestation of the Islamic State and its final establishment of Caliphate. The book states that the Islamic State is not limited to Iraq and Syria and will expand beyond the Levant region.

"Into [countries from East to West:] the Phillipines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan…" Earlier the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi had mentioned India as a part of the global Caliphate that the group envisions to capture.

In chapter titled 'The Scary Events leading to the Future Global Jihad' the book talks about how Muslims in non-Muslim countries are facing discrimination and are considered as enemies since the rise of the Islamic State. As a result, it notes there is a growth of right wing movements "like India where the President (Narendra Modi) is a right wing Hindu nationalist who worships weapons and is preparing his people for a future war against Muslims."

Making reference to the incident in Dadri where a Muslim man was lynched by a mob on the suspicion of eating cow meat, the book adds that the leaders of such right wing groups encourage violence. "In India, a movement of Hindus is growing who kill Muslims who eat beef (cow meat)."

In order to find this growing threat, the book states that Muslims have three options: either to make Hijrah (emigration) to a Muslim country, Jihad (fighting back), or face humiliation.

In the following chapter 'Lone wolves -> Clandestine Cells -> Insurgency -> Army', the book provides details on how a single individual or small group of individuals can come together to form sleeper cells, including ideas of what kind of attacks can be conducted and what precautions one needs to take while making homemade explosives. It describes in detail how insurgency can be developed with the coming together of sleeper cells. And goes into a practical case study of how all this was successfully manifested in the recent case of attacks in Paris.

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