Jaguar Movie Talk !!

 October 06 2016 at 10:52   298    

Jaguar Movie Talk !!

Debut Hero Nikhil Kumar's 'Jaguar' hit the Theaters worldwide today. Made with a whopping budget of 70crores, the film gained curiosity among the audience. 

As per the talk of the film, 'Jaguar' is a Technically Brilliant flick. Action sequences remained as one of the Highlights of the movie. Songs and Nikhil's dance receiving a good response. Overall, 'Jaguar' has all commercial elements which can satisfy all section of the audience. 

Especially Nikhil's Intro part was said to be one of the Best parts of the film, even those watched the movie are advising don't miss the Beginning. After observing the audience response, the Debut Hero Nikhil seems succeeded in winning the Hearts of the audience.

However, we need to wait and see how will 'Jaguar' perform at the box office. As recovering 70crores for a debut hero is an impossible feat, so let's wait and see whether Nikhil can do a miracle or not ? in a few more days.

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