Jayalalithaa was murdered - AIADMK senior Pandian

 February 07 2017 at 10:07   100    Sasikala Panneerselvam AIADMK Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa

Jayalalithaa was murdered - AIADMK senior Pandian

In open dissent against chief minister-designate VK Sasikala, sidelined senior AIADMK leaders on Tuesday charged that Jayalalithaa could have been murdered and demanded a probe into her mysterious hospitalisation and death.

Former assembly speaker PH Pandian and his son Manoj Pandian, a former Rajya Sabha member, launched a broadside against Sasikala, questioning the legality of her election as AIADMK’s interim general secretary and subsequent election as leader of legislative party, a charge rubbished by the party.

Manoj Pandian said the election was flawed and the election commission was probing the issue and demanded that till the commission made a decision, no further elevation of Sasikala should be done.

Calling for a probe into the conditions that led to Jayalalithaa’s death and the conduct of Sasikala since, PH Pandian alleged that a slow poison could have been used and called for a thorough probe by an impartial agency.

“Slowly, all the truth will come out,” Pandian said, adding, “Sasikala is unfit to be chief minister of the state.”

His son said there was no provision for a temporary general secretary and she had no powers to appoint or sack any office bearers appointed by the previous general secretary, who was duly elected by the party cadre.“No cadre or people have chosen her (Sasikala) as the leader,” he said, adding that this was only the beginning.

“You wait and see what will happen in future,” the former RS member said when asked how they would stop Sasikala’s swearing in.

AIADMK however rubbished the father-son’s allegations, saying these were canards spread by disgruntled elements that are not to be taken seriously.

Party spokesperson CR Saraswathi said, “ AIADMK has done everything according to law and we are waiting for a word from the governor for the swearing in.”

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