Jayasudha warns her son !!

 December 14 2015 at 8:55   328    Jayasudha SHE TEAM Hyderabad Police

Jayasudha warns her son !!

A mistake is a mistake, whoever the culprit be; punishment shall be given to those who have done a mistake. Following this rule sincerely veteran actress Jayasudha has punished her son for teasing girls.

Though this isn’t real at all, it was part of a short film that was made for an awareness regarding the SHE TEAM. SHE TEAM is a group of police personalities who do not show their original identity and are in civil uniform in order to identify the culprits who are involved in eve teasing, harassment over female.

As a part of this SHE TEAM promotion, Hyderabad Police took up the responsibility of creating awareness among the people about the team’s existence. In this short film, Jayasudha plays the role of a responsible citizen and a mother. Her son in this short film will get involved in teasing girls, who will be punished by Jayasudha and warns others not to repeat this once again.

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