Jr Ravi Teja losing control ?

 November 20 2015 at 3:35   384    Kumari 21F Raj Tarun Sukumar DSP

Jr Ravi Teja losing control ?

Some young heroes make it to 'happening' slot very quickly. We have seen the likes of Varun Sandesh and Tanish earlier, but in not time either they faded out or suffered with flops due to various issues, with attitude one among them. Right now interesting discussions are happening around one young man, and he's none other than Raj Tarun.

His latest movie Kumari 21 F is hitting screens this Friday(today) and the youngster is expecting to score another smashing hit now. Success of films is fine, but to run his show for a long time in film industry, they say Raj Tarun lacks certain qualities. Your body language with others and the way you talk to elders is very important in Film Industry where news spreads faster than light. Few insiders revealed that this youngster is loose tongued, where he takes comical digs at senior actors and other biggies for everything.

Maybe it's not intentional sarcasm from Raj Tarun, but thats how his Godavari-cum-Vizag slang mixed with satire sounds like. Being a two-film old hero who wants a run of at least two decades in Telugu industry, it's risky for his career to continue this way. Some say success has gone to his head, hope its not.

On the other hand, Raj Tarun is the only youngest of heroes who is having almost three films lined up in production. Most star kids are known for the way they respect seniors and make directors love them, so expect, this young guy to pull a leaf from them and scale heights. 

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