Kabali story coped from Pawan Kalyan's movie

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Kabali story coped from Pawan Kalyan's movie

Ever since 'Kabali' cleared censors, the release of the movie is the talk of the town. Everyone are busy in discussing the release of the movie and their First show tickets. The movie cleared censors with clean 'U' and the running time of the movie is 152 minutes.

Now in this case, we heard from a highly reliable source that the movie is not up to its hype and most of the scenes resemble Pawan Kalyan's 'Panjaa'. Irony is, 'Panjaa' itself never went well with critics and fans of Pawan. It was just praised for its stylish presentation.The movie was about a hitman turning against his own gang due to unavoidable circumstances. 'Kabali' seems to be in similar lane with little changes to it. The source revealed that, the movie also lacks the usual 'Rajinism' elements and hardcore fans who expect something beyond will be disappointed bad.

Rajini who is already down and under with 'Lingaa' failure might be in a crisis if 'Kabali' doesn't hit Bull's eye. The over dosage of hype may also boomerang on the team. Any how, let's hope the movie remains good !

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