Kamal Haasan Furious Over Tamil Media !!

 January 21 2017 at 11:20   101    Kamal Haasan Jallikattu Tamil Media Nadigar Sangam

Kamal Haasan Furious Over Tamil Media !!

Off late, each party has its own news channel or newspaper to back their own party and also to promote good-things done by the party leaders. Media usually covers a matter if it has potential to be sensational. As days pass on, when new issues arise, media keeps aside the previous subjects. Universal hero Kamal Haasan also has similar opinion on media. He moves to tears with youth of Tamil Nadu protesting to life ban on Jallikattu. He says students participating in the protests are teachers and he is a fan of them. Read Kamal’s statement here.

“The world is watching us. Tamils are making India proud. Keep your tenacity of purpose. We have become women and men of the moment. The manifesto for civil disobedience movement was drafted in Madras 1930 again it is successfully enacted in Tamilnadu 2017. Remember each party has a TV channel in TN to bias news. Glean your wisdom from each other and the web. Keep nonviolence intact. You’ll win. This movement is of the people. I still feel celebrities should only support and not steal the show. I watch news just to watch my people gathered all around TN. Moved 2 tears. Thanks. You’re no more students you are now teachers. I am a fan.”

Kamal Haasan also joined protests at Nadigar Sangam against Jallikattu Ban yesterday.

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