KCR avoids Campaigning !!

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KCR avoids Campaigning !!

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has yet again proved his oratory skills. Ahead of GHMC elections, KCR asked the people of Hyderabad to take wise decision while casting vote. Stating that the parties, candidates of parties are not new, KCR said TRS would be the best choice.

KCR said, "Hyderabad was ruled by Congress for nearly 40 years and TDP had ruled Greater Hyderabad for 15 years and for a brief period the city had seen MIM's ruling. What these parties have done to Hyderabad?"

"In terms of power supply, Hyd has gone back for 35 years. During the ruling of the two parties (TDP, Congress) we have seen electric converters, inverters and generators. But now, situation is reversed. Most of these shops have come down drastically. People who bought them were regretting that space in their houses was being wasted. In the five to six months, we have resolved the issue of power crisis. We're providing good drinking water," KCR added.

Meanwhile, KCR has chose to stay away from direct election campaigning as he felt it'd affect people, traffic in big way. Instead, he chose to do e-campaigning for the GHMC polls. The elections to GHMC would be held on Feb 2. With the date coming closer, parties have escalated their attacks on rivals and leaving no stone unturned to impress voters.

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