Keeravani Revealed Rajamouli's Secret !!

 November 17 2015 at 6:10   376    Keeravani Music Concert NTR Mathrudevobhava Rajamouli

Keeravani Revealed Rajamouli's Secret !!

Each one of us will have nicknames during childhood. Some of these nicknames will become so popular and today few of our celebrities will have these nicknames more popularity than original ones. For example, Allu Arjun is mostly called as Bunny by all those close friendly and family groups. That’s the main reason why Vinayak preferred ‘Bunny’ as the movie title for his film with Allu Arjun. 

Coming to our star director SS Rajamouli, here is some personal information revealed by music director MM Keeravani. To inform the readers, Rajamouli and Keeravani happen to be cousins because their fathers Vijayendra Prasad and Shiva Shakti Dutta are brothers. ‘We used to call Rajamouli as Bunty in childhood. Later, during the teenage he was addressed as Nandi and now, I call him as ‘Yeraaa’ or Rajamouli,’ as said by Keeravani.

Today, Rajamouli and Keeravani is the highest success scoring director-music composer combination. From ‘Student No 1’ to ‘Bahubali,’ they haven’t changed the sides. Let us hope for more and more super duper musical sensations from them.

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