Keerthi Suresh Secrets affair Revealed

 February 10 2017 at 17:14   297    Keerthi Suresh Affair Trivikram Pawan Kalyan Rumours

Keerthi Suresh Secrets affair Revealed

Keerthi Suresh is one of those rare actresses who never gets trapped in any controversy. She has been always in the good books and has never been found in any unwanted controversy. But now, she has been trapped in a trouble.

The actress recently faced trouble as she became fat and fleshy. There were reports that Trivikram Srinivas asked her to reduce her body and come in a new fresh look for Pawan Kalyan's project. However, Keerthi stayed the same.

In this case, Keerthi Suresh appointed a personal trainer for shaping her body. However, sources say, she got more close with him and she can be seen in lots of hot spots along with the trainer. Let's hope for another marriage in the Film industry.

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