Killing Veerappan Secret Revealed !!

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Killing Veerappan Secret Revealed !!

Ram Gopal Varma who is known for sensations is coming to entertain movie lovers with Killing Veerappan on Jan 1st. He is entering Sandalwood with this film and he shared the Veerappan secrets.

Why film on Veerappan?

He was a notorious criminal not only in Aisa but in the World. When I was shooting for Kshna Kshanam,I shot some scenes in forest. During that time locals asked me to be careful saying it was Veerappan's area. I came to know about Veerappan them. Later when I went after ten years to the same forest they told the same. I was in awe with Veerappan impact and decided to do the film.

Why did you revive the shelved project?

I am interested on Veerappan since long time. I planned for the film 12years back and it revolves on three people trying to catch Veerappan for the prize money. On the film launch Veerappan was shot dead. I shelved the project since it is meaningless to make film on hunting for a dead person. Later I planned to take a biopic on Veerappan but already people know about it and so put the project on back burner.

In what angle Killing Veerappan be?

Ans: A year back I heard about police officer Kannan. He was the head for Veerappan Intelligence Operation. Then Taskforce Head Vijaykumar lavished praises on him in media. Before Kannan many police officers tried to catch Veerappan by entering into the forest while Kannan decided to smoke him out of the forest. After hearing about the operation from various people I decided to come with a film on Killing Veerappan as this happened to be the most important event in India.

Why did you cast Shivrajkumar as police?

Ans: Shivraj plays main role who shoots down Veerappan. I selected him since I was looking for the same look and physique person. Casting value increased as he turned out to be Rajkumar's son and Veerappan kidnapped him earlier. So reel life hero will kill real life villain. I am impressed with his performance.

You showed Real Veerappan?

Sandeep Bharadwaj don't look like Veerappan in real life. Credit goes to makeup artist Vikram Gaikwad who turned his look completely. Sandeep is a good actor and he prepared for the role not only physically but also mentally. Those who watched the film told that people will forget real Veerappan and remember only Sandeep.

Controversy with Veerappan's wife?

She felt that we showed her husband Veerappan who saved wild animals from corrupt forest officials in a negative manner. She even alleged that it will spoil relations between karnataka and Tamil Nadu and I, Shivraj Kumar and Censor Board hatched a plot. Finally we solved all issues out of court. She told her personal relation with Veerappan and also police operations to nab him. Yagna and Muthulakshmi resemble the same and the character came quite well. This is the first time a villain has love story while hero doesn't.

On censor problems

I feel censor board attitude don't augur well in current circumstances. How can 5-6 people decide what people should watch and what they shouldn't watch. Now days everyone is able to watch anything on cellphones. Censor Board asked to delete the sound of Veerappan's daughter,when he was about to kill her. We only muted the sound but there were no big cuts. People should know that Veerappan killed his daughter as she was crying but how can they know if sound is muted.

How did you get details on Veerappan?

There are many sources. TN,Karnataka police who tried to nab Veerappan, his former associates, relatives and many anonymous persons.

Your future projects

Attack will release on January last week. Plans are on to make Sarkar 3 in Bollywood. Film will go to sets from June.

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