Kiss my hot ass Donald Trump !!

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Kiss my hot ass Donald Trump !!

American Republican presidential aspirant, Donald Trump grabbed much too many eyeballs all across the globe with his racist comment on the Muslim community last week.

Nevertheless, Indian actress and MTV VJ Shenaz treasury, who also lives in the US and shuttles between New York and India for work has the perfect retort for Trump.

Trump during his rally in South Carolina callously suggested a ban on the Muslims entering the United States of America. He also sought to conduct a thorough database check of Muslims already living in US; a step he thinks will curb terrorism. ‘This is the only choice we have to prevent another 9/11 from happening’ Trump had blurted.

However it backfired on him and he invited much flak for this bizarre statement. In-fact his reputation took a major blow and he was harshly condemned by communities across the world for stereotyping an entire community as terrorists.

Shenaz Treasurywala alias Shenaz Treasury is one among the many on whose ‘hate list’ Trump features right now and she is making no efforts to munch her thoughts about this possible next big thing of the USA.

The actress sent out a rather indomitable message to Trump and posted a picture of her butt on her social media account with a caption: “this is on behalf of all the Muslims, Mexican and brown people in US, love Shenaz Treasury. Kiss my ass Donald Trump while following it with hash-tags like #kissmyass #donaldtrumpshit #Donaldtrump.

This post has gone viral with people applauding the VJ for her guts.

Well Shehnaz Treasury is proving to be one bold diva and how!

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