Kodandaram holds round-table !!

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Kodandaram holds round-table !!

A round-table meeting is right now going on at Sundarayya Hall of the Communist Parties in the city on Tuesday on the question, `Is Mallannasagar reservoir necessary at all?'

The meeting is being presided over by Joint Action Committee (Political) chairman, Prof Kodandaram and top intellectual Prof Hargopal. Several other intellectuals are also taking part in the discussions. Irrigation expert Hanumantha Rao is also actively participating in the discussions. 

After the discussions are over, they are expected to reveal to the press the consensus on the round-table.

Parallel opposition to Mallannasagar is also being voiced by the Congress. Former Disaster Management committee vice-chief Marri Sashidhar Reddy has visited the Jhajjar project of a lift-irrigation scheme in Haryana, and found no reservoir as such was necessary. A sump will do for Mallannasagar, because by definition lift-irrigation meant continuous flow of water to the needy areas. As such no reservoir was necessary.

Mallannasagar involves the displacement of 14 villages in Medak district, where the people and the farmers are opposed to a reservoir.

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