Let’s assume that Rohith Vemula was a Dalit..

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Let’s assume that Rohith Vemula was a Dalit..

Let’s assume that Rohith Vemula was a Dalit..

The issue of Rohith Vemula’s caste came out only after the incident, due to the simple fact that, in this case, a case of ‘Atrocities against Dalits’ as per SC/ST act was being formulated against Shri Dattatreya, the lone BJP MP from Telangana, the VC & the HRD Ministry. Since, high profile individuals are involved, as a ‘Procedural Matter’, the Telangana Police out of due diligence have to initially investigate the caste, to ascertain whether or not to proceed under the SC/ST act. This has become more important for the Telangana or Andhra Police, because, it is common knowledge in the 2 Telugu states of Telangana & Andhra that Caste Certificates are on the take.

The cases of ‘Atrocities against Dalits’ as per SC/ST act is quiet a common occurrence in the 2 Telugu States and the country. But most fall flat after investigation into the cases. Please refer the Central government statistics on various registered cases as per the ‘Atrocities against SC/STs’ act, one would find that a very high percentage of almost 70% in cases of SCs and 80% in cases of STs are thrown out by the court. Please find the detailed stats in a 2011 nationwide Central UPA Government report in this link which would convey things in perspective: http://socialjustice.nic.in/pdf/arpoa11.pdf

But let us all assume that Rohith Vemula was a Dalit. Let us play ‘Devil’s Advocate’ for him for the sake of argument. So, the questions which come out are???

  • Did Rohith Vemula indulge in his several digressions and anti-national activities, only because he was a Dalit?
  • Did ABVP cross swords with him and his group only because he was a Dalit?
  • Why did he jump from one students group to another in a spate of just 2 years?
  • Were all the students who beat up the ABVP activist in his room Dalits?
  • Were the 5 students along with Rohith who were suspended all Dalit?
  • If he comes from a marginalized section as everyone claims, then, from where did his belligerent attitude come from?
  • I know many Dalits, true Hindu Dalits, the original Dalits  of India, who are extreme patriots. Very strong, and also very patriotic. In fact,100% of Hindu Dalits are extreme patriots. They would never convene a program in sympathy of Yakub Memom.
  • If you go and interview any OBC/BC/Upper Caste Hindu from Telangana/Andhra about Dalits, the general impression one would get from them is, most of the Dalits if not all of them, are Christians.
  • Why and how has this narrative evolved?
  • Where are the Hindu Dalits of Telangana/Andhra? Where have they gone?
  • My biggest fear now is, are the Hindu Dalits for whom Shri.Ambedkar fought and championed, becoming extinct? Or, have they already?
  • Eminent Dalit activist Kancha Illiah who is at the forefront on the aftermath of this incident himself is a Christian Dalit.
  • The Dalit Historians and intelligentsia on Social Media championing the cause of Rohith Vemula are 90% if not 100% Christian Dalits.
  • Did any of these Christian Dalit activists from Telugu land ever champion for due recognition to Komaram Bheem the true Dalit Patriot who fought against the Nizams, and gave his life?
  • After this incident, did anyone interview Gaddar the legendary Balladeer from Telangana and a Dalit about his views on this subject. All Hindu Telugu Dalits consider him an icon.
  • After this incident, did anyone interview Shri Manda Krishna Madiga the leader of MRPS a group dedicated to the Dalit cause, on his views on this incident?
  • Of the 600 students who committed suicide for the cause of Telangana, roughly 50% of them are Hindu Dalits. Not a single mention about them by the new TRS Government. The new Telangana State is built on the ashes of these suicides.
  • Why have these Christian Dalits who are championing Rohith’s cause not spoken a word on the death of these Hindu Dalit students for the cause of Telangana?
  • A RTI application on this suicide list of these students for Telangana cause will give all their castes.
  • Now most important, the University took action against 5 students from Rohith’s group. Were they all Dalit?
  • Did Shri Dattatreya know of their caste while sending a letter of complain against their activities to the HRD Ministry?
  • Did the HRD Ministry know of their caste while writing to the university to investigate the various activities of these students?
  • Did the HRD Ministry’s several reminders convey Rohith by name or his caste?
  • If the Central Government’s diktat is being blamed, then diktat’s are usually met and obeyed in the very 1st instance. But, why did the HRD Ministry resort to no less then 4-5 reminders?
  • Is that testimony to the Central Government’s domination?
  • Is it testimony to their domination that, when the HRD Minister calls up the State CM, she is not even answered and her call isn’t even returned back, till date?
  • If some of these 5 Students were not Dalit, would the same attention be given if one of them who wasn’t a Dalit committed suicide?
  • In fact, if Rohith himself was a Hindu Dalit instead of a Christian Dalit, would it have come to the attention as much as it is now?
  • Rohith’s mother speaks excellent English. Where and how, being a Dalit she had access to such an education which teaches her good English?
  • Im not inferring that Dalit women cannot be educated. Many (in fact all) women whom I know within my own Upper Caste family, some who are even engineers do not speak half as good English as Rohith’s mother.
  • Please show me one Hindu Dalit Mother in the entire country who speaks half as as good English as Rohit’s Mother.
  • Please show me one Hindu OBC/BC/Upper Caste Hindu Mother in Telugu Land who speaks such good English.
  • From where and how did she have access to such an education?
  • Finally, why are most Hindu Dalits both from Telugu Land as well as the country quiet muted on this entire situation?

Above questions are very simple, but answers to them are extremely explosive.

The Telugu language Electronic Media from both Telugu States including the ETV Network headed by Media baron Ramoji Rao are the most vociferous Regional Media in the Nation. They have taken to this story like a cat takes to water. Why is it that a development as important as it is made to be seen caught the attention of the National Media much before it came to the notice of the Regional Telugu Media?

Why was this report 1st breaking on MSM, particularly one TV Channel rather then on regional Telugu Channels? As if they knew in advance this incident is or was going to happen. Specifically, was this incident engineered?

Just 2 years back the region of Telangana witnessed a massive 600+ suicides of students, approximately 50% of those being Hindu Dalits. Which, wasn’t even given a passing reference by the same MSM. Why so much interest in this single suicide?

A very deep investigation has to be conducted into this entire incident. It would uncover a huge deep rooted conspiracy to not only de-stabilize the Government at the Centre but the Country itself. A massive Christian conspiracy will be uncovered, which will make the Umar Khalid conspiracy in JNU look like a common burglary case. Let alone a Sedition case.

Today Kanhaiyya Kumar who has changed his perception of India by just spending a few days in jail says ‘Rohith Vemula’ and not ‘Afzal Guru’ is his actual hero.

Let us all stand up and deliver Kanhaiyya Kumar his real hero.

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