Mahesh babu Behind PVP Comments on Pawan Kalyan ?

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Mahesh babu Behind PVP Comments on Pawan Kalyan ?

The virtual rivalry between Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan Fans cannot be taken so lightly because both of them are strong contenders for Tollywood No 1 position. Away and above those regular hits and flops, they have grown as Super Stars of Telugu cinema ruling our hearts. So, Fans look upon every chance to dominate over the other. When there are no such transparent chances, perhaps they fancy on imaginative thinking.

Apparently, producer Prasad V Potluri’s comments on Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena coinciding exactly with ‘Brahmotsavam’ release and ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ failure time is posing a threat. PVP is generally known as non-controversial and straight forward entrepreneur who of course had political dreams some time back. But for now, he is just a top film producer signing projects with star heroes like Mahesh Babu. Then, why PVP choose this particular point of time for speaking those lines?

This is precisely the area where some of Power Star Fans expressed doubts on Mahesh Babu’s hand behind PVP giving a statement on Pawan. Adding more to storm, Allu Arjun has also raked a controversy with ‘Cheppanu Brother’ statement thus humiliating Pawan Kalyan admirers. 

However, film circles have outright rejected the thesis of Mahesh’s involvement behind PVP’s words because Mahesh and Pawan are too good friends. ‘Mahesh can never resort to such cheap techniques of using his producers for unnecessary publicity. Fans of other heroes knew this very well,’ a hardcore Pawan Kalyan Fan commented. 

It’s high time and only ‘Brahmotsavam’ release can put a full stop to all the baseless stories circulated against Pawan Kalyan.

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