Mahesh's further strategy !!

 August 01 2015 at 5:17   251    Mahesh Babu Puli Srimanthudu Vijay Brahmotsavam Mani Ratnam

Mahesh's further strategy  !!

Till recently, there was speculation that Mahesh Babu would do a movie either in the direction of Shankar or Mani Ratnam. Those projects never materialized and Mahesh stuck to our Telugu directors.

But starting with ‘Srimanthudu’ Mahesh is making a serious effort to garner a share in the Tamil market as well.

Even ‘Brahmotsavam’ which will start after ‘Srimanthudu’ will be a bi-lingual, made in Tamil and Telugu. And taking his strategy further, Mahesh soon intends to do a movie with a top Tamil director. The image of the director in Tamil and Mahesh’s fan following among Telugus will ensure that the movie easily grosses a hundred crore.

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