Mallya Is Facing a Severe Abuse

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Mallya Is Facing a Severe Abuse

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya is facing a severe  abuse in social networking site Twitter Ever since Vijay Mallya left the country without clearing debts to the tune of Rs 9,000 crore.  From then Siddharth Mallya has been facing backlash on social media. So many has started criticizing Sid and his father publicly, in twitter.

Twitter handle @rimi2983 asked Sid, 'Your dad has always said KFA is gift to u on ur bday. If u can share his wealth, lifestyle, why not share abuse?'. To which, The Young Chap replied, 'Did he say this? I must have missed the memo….'.

Another Twitter handle @VjRulzzz opined, 'Shame shame shame you both deserve capital punishment. Pay your employees first. He is equally responsible!'. Sid reacted, 'Capital punishment???!'.

Mallya who felt sad with this took twitter to share his feelings stating that the users can feel free to slam him or abuse him but spare his son who has nothing to do with Mallya's business. He tweeted "My son Sid does not deserve all this hatred and abuse. He has had nothing to do with my business. Shower abuse on me if you must but not him. Slam me if you must but not a young man,"

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