Malupu Movie Review

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Malupu Movie Review

Movie: Malupu


Dubbing films is the new trend in Tollywood. Here is one more such Tamil film which has released today is Malupu.  The film stars Adhi Pinisetty and Nikki Galrani in lead roles.


The film begins with the hero's narration of the events that lead him to land up in Mumbai.  The story is about a real incident that happened in a happy-go-lucky guy's life, whose world is his friends. Satish Ganapathi is a youngster who calls himself SaGa for short.  SaGa falls in love with Kayal (Nikki Galrani). A shocking incident takes place during the new year’s eve of 2014. From then all his friends starts getting threats from a Mumbai based don (Mithun Chakravarthy). What happened on that night, how Aadhi comes out of the threat he faces and what shock did he have after landing in Mumbai is the story you have to watch on screen.


One of the biggest assets of the film is Aadi’s performance.

All the scenes showcased on the friends group and the romance between Aadi and Nikki has been executed well.

Sabu Joseph's deft handling of the editing department adds to the film's strength.

Story starts only in the second half which is full of twists and good flashback.


Took many ingredients too spoils the dish.

Length of the film is a big minus

First half is slightly dull and felt bore.

Main drawback is Climax


The film's biggest strength is the technical output. Shanmugasundaram's cinematography is adept. The frames are a huge value addition.  Though the film managed to keep up the enthusiasm at parts, trying to mix different genres into one film killed the essence of the film. The entry of Richa Pallod ups the interest.  She is very good in her portrayal of a damsel in distress. Mithun Chakraborty is a value addition. The second half doesn't deviate much and that's good.

Movie marks: 

Malupu is a decent suspense thriller with un-convincing climax.

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