Mass maharaja in Kanithan Remake !!

 April 19 2016 at 14:31   361    Ravi Teja Kanithan Remake Bengal Tiger Yevado Okadu Robin Hood Kanithan

Mass maharaja in Kanithan Remake !!

Mass maharaja Ravi Teja, who is back on success track with movies like ‘Balupu’, ‘Power’ and ‘Bengal Tiger’, has reportedly started signing movies in succession.

Even though the much hyped Dil Raju production venture titled ‘Yevado Okadu’ was shelved, Ravi Teja has lined up ‘Robin Hood’ to be directed by a new comer. As per latest reports, Ravi Teja has also agreed to act in the Telugu remake of super hit Tamil film ‘Kanithan’.

Although there is no official confirmation about this remake, the director of the Tamil film has the other day confirmed that Ravi Teja will act in the remake. He added that Ravi Teja’s mass image will be perfect for the lead role in the film.

‘Kanithan’ deals with the story of an investigative journalist and it was praised for its racy screenplay and action sequences.

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