Mega brothers avoided Mega Sister !!

 November 18 2015 at 12:03   436    Niharika Ram Charan Debut Mega Fans Pawan kalyan

Mega brothers avoided Mega Sister !!

Niharika Konidela the Mega girl in film industry is all set for he maiden movie and made it a strictly silent affair. She has done with the muhurth shot of her movie the other day without any of the mega heros and mega fans are so surprised to see this. They are about to know that are mega heros not happy with her launch as heroine but interesting answer is coming from Madhura Sreedhar where he said all the mega heros gave her the blessings and decided to low key the appearance of them as they have to attend for the audio launch of this movie.

Niharika also doesn’t want to carry any pressure by adding them at the muhurth shot. Atleast everyone expected Chiranjeevi will be coming for the Muhurtham shot as Varun tej has got both Pawan Kalyan and Chiru for the clap time of Mukunda movie. Mega fans are trying to understand there is nothing wrong with her for asking to be actress.

Naga Shourya and Niharika are main cast for this untitled and is directed by Ramaraju of Mallela Teeramlo Sirimalle Puvvu fame.

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