Minister Jupalli a 'CAT' : DK Aruna !!

 April 19 2016 at 6:03   289    DK Aruna Jupalli Congress TRS Telangana

Minister Jupalli a 'CAT' : DK Aruna !!

The political name-calling has taken a new turn with former Congress minister D.K. Aruna terming Jupalli Krishna Rao, Telangana Industries Minister, a cat. Strongly objecting to the cat-calling, the Advocates JAC of Telangana lodged a complaint with the Chaitanyapuri police that the name-calling by Aruna was improper. 

The Congress leader of Mahbubnagar Aruna had a running battle with Jupalli when he was in the Congress itself. He was among the first leaders to leave the Congress and join the TRS, which had since come to power. 

Aruna called Jupalli (pilli-cat) while addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan on Sunday.

Coming to know of the development, the Advocates JAC took the name calling very seriously. They told the Chaitanyapuri police that Jupalli was elected by the people and was made a minister by the TRS government. By the name-calling, Aruna had hurt the sentiments of the people of Telangana. Therefore, they wanted action taken against Aruna by the police. 

In the zoo of political name-calling, one more animal has now been included. The previous animals are dog, fox, pandicoot and now cat. Palli (village) becomes pilli cat.

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