Modi Has Only 4700rs cash?

 February 02 2016 at 5:25   215    Modi Prime Minister Narendra Jashodaben Delhi Cash Infra Bonds

Modi Has Only 4700rs cash?

It looks like Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s does not like to keep much cash in hand. Few hours back Narendra Modi’s office released the details of the assets he currently owns. The assets are today worth about 1.4 crores, with a residential property in his home state of Gujarat at the centerpiece.

According to the latest details of his assets disclosed by the Prime Minister's Office, Modi had total 'cash in hand' of just Rs 4,700 at the end of the last economic. The value of the land, which was purchased in 2002, had gone up by 25 times. Modi has some investments in the form of bonds with L&T Infra Bonds and National Savings Certificates. His assets include "four pieces of gold rings" weighing approximately 45 grams with a value of about 1.20 lakhs as on March 31, 2015.

Prime Minister's Office revealed that Modi neither possesses any motor, vehicle, aircraft, ship nor holds any bank account in Delhi. Regarding assets of his wife Jashodaben, the confession states 'not known'.

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