Modi to face AgustaWestland scam shock

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Modi to face AgustaWestland scam shock

AgustaWestland scam is rocking both houses of Parliament after an Italian court indicted few Indian politicians for the bribes. The expose done by a media channel triggered battle of words between the Government headed by PM Modi and Congress headed by Sonia Gandhi.

Many political analysts feel this is indirect indictment of Congress president Sonia Gandhi who behaved as extra constitutional power. PM Modi and BJP president Amit Shah dared Sonia Gandhi to come clean. 

However some feel AgustaWestland scam will hit PM Modi harder than Sonia Gandhi.This because PM Modi and BJP which promised to develop the nation till now didnot concentrate on giving good governance to people. Instead it got obsessed on attacking Congress on one or the other scam. 

AgustaWestland is compared to Bofors and even ramifications will be similar. During Bofors,when Swedish Rao story cameut,entire media in India cried foul and then defence minister,VP Singh in Rajiv Gandhi government ordered inquiry.Rajiv's image got tarnished but Sonia cannot be compared to Rajiv. 

During Bofors,all parties got united against Rajiv which is not the case against Sonia Gandhi and even on corruption,sadly Modi cannot unite all parties.Cases on opposition parties always backfired and it resulted in sympathy and so PM Modi is at higher risk than Sonia Gandhi.

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