Murali Mohan ready to resign !!

 August 04 2015 at 17:06   427    Murali Mohan TDP Special Status AP Central government

Murali Mohan ready to resign !!

Murali Mohan, a politician and an actor from AP, who is currently on the TDP side from Rajahmundry region, mentioned that he is set to resign to achieve Special Status for AP. It is a fact that this discussion is on progress from the past few days in media.

Several celebrities questioned TDP on Special Status to AP and few people demanded TDP ministers to resign, to make central government understand the severity of the situation. Pawan Kalyan too had made few serious statements on TDP ministers on this topic. Responding to this, Murali Mohan came on to the media and mentioned that if it is necessary, TDP ministers are ready to resign.

But, he mentioned that, it is better to be in power and fight for Special Status rather than emotionally resigning and moving ahead with agitation. As of now, TDP is striving hard to make central government think deeply about this topic. We have to see how TDP convinces Modi and his team on the Special Status.

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