Nag silence behind Akhil Movie

 November 12 2015 at 11:10   455    Nagarjuna Akhil VV Vinayak

Nag silence behind Akhil Movie

Nagarjuna along with director VV Vinayak and main producers Sudhakar Reddy showed their faces before media when announcing the release postponement of ‘Akhil’ quoting the reasons of inferior VFX. Aggressive Akkineni Fans were although dissatisfied with the decision but they were very much on the side of Nagarjuna because Akhil debut film happens to be the biggest event for this Akkineni generation. 

In sync, the post production team has tightened the loose ends in climax VFX and ‘Akhil’ release date is declared as November 11. However, Nagarjuna never arrived before media later on either to reveal the release date or speak positive about the overall output. This is one of the biggest promotional lapses that can never be fulfilled. Why is it Nagarjuna stood away from media at the penultimate hour? Does his silence really have any hidden interpretation?

Some say, Nagarjuna was totally upset watching final ‘Akhil’ copy and he knew that the launch was improper. Unable to criticize neither director VV Vinayak nor the producers Nithin, Sudhakar Reddy, he simply walked away blaming himself for the catastrophe. Either ways, there is nothing Nagarjuna and Akhil can do at this late hour because the dangerous first day talk is very much out.

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