Nagaram Movie gets Positive Reviews !!

 March 09 2017 at 6:44   52    Nagaram Sundeep Kishan Regina Cassandra

Nagaram Movie gets Positive Reviews !!

Sundeep Kishan and Regina Cassandra starrer 'Nagaram' received positive reviews. Makers have arranged a special screening for press two days ahead of release due to the confidence they have on the content. Their judgement hasn't gone wrong as the feedback has been too good from Media Folks.

Suspense Element has been maintained from start to finish and that's highlight of 'Nagaram'.

Lack of sufficient Theatres has been a worry for 'Nagaram'. Even Multiplexes have offered only single show for this Tamil dubbed flick. Producers only hope that the screen count increases if the positive word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire in the by Friday. Sundeep Kishan is trying his best to get as many screens as possible. His confidence on the Box Office outcome only grew after the film garnered good reviews.

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