Nagarjuna still avoiding Samantha ?

 September 10 2016 at 7:37   250    

Nagarjuna still avoiding Samantha ?

The buzz regarding Nagachaitanya and Samantha wedding never fades. Every now and then we get more number of rumours and gossips. Nagarjuna formally announced that Samantha would be his daughter-in-law. However he never opened about the wedding details or engagement details. Instead her announced Akhil's Engagement date as December 8th. 

This created huge buzz inside industry as why Nagarjuna ignored Chaitanya's marriage statement. Chaitanya is elder to Akhil and his marriage ceremony was expected initially. However we hear from inside sources that Nagarjuna still hopes to reject Samantha.

Nagarjuna is quite not happy with Samantha as his daughter-in-law. Samantha also doesn't want to quit film industry and also abide Akkineni family rules. Will chaitu and Samantha get married ?

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