Nara Rohit to be villain in Ram charan film

 September 26 2015 at 11:34   375    Nara Rohit Ram charan Thani Oruvan Remake

Nara Rohit to be villain in Ram charan film

Producer DVV Danayya has got the rights of Thani Oruvan the Tamil super hit movie and Ram charan is supposed to do the lead role in this flick. Surprisingly Ram charan has got a superb condition that he will be taking this flick only if Aravind Swami plays the roles of Villian in the movie. Aravind swami has played the act of Siddharth Abhimanyu in Tamil and his mindset and action gained huge popularity for such a simple movie. He was the real hero of it kicking off Jayam ravi the true hero for the flick.

Now as Aravind swami is taking time to give his confirmation on Telugu version producers are awaiting for a key person from TFI to work with Charan for this movie. The first actor producers are asking is the talented and versatile Nara rohith. He played few characters like Pratinidhi and Rowdy fellow which are under played so Rohith might be best option. 

And if he shows no interest on it its time for Sonu sood to be on this part. These are just possibilities and no official confirmation is out. 

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