National Media Shocked Pawan Kalyan's Critics

 September 26 2016 at 5:45   214    

National Media Shocked Pawan Kalyan's Critics

Addressing to the huge crowd during his Kakinada public meet, Power Star Pawan Kalyan proclaimed that he had no money as such he was doing movies. Politicians of various parties have made intense criticism on Pawan Kalyan's statement. They questioned Pawan Kalyan was charging Rs.20 crores per a film and how could he declare he had no money.

Incidentally, a popular English daily's article on this issue appeared to have been a fitting retort to the detractors of Pawan Kalyan who blamed Pawan Kalyan for his statement. According to the newspaper, Pawan Kalyan has 12 members as his office staff and 25 farmhouse workers. He has to pay their salaries regularly and so he incurs his remuneration for their salaries. Moreover, Pawan Kalyan maintains 12 bouncers for security and the salaries are to be paid for them too. 

Above all, he donates huge amounts to the needy and keeps his charity acts confidential. In spite of having a political party of his own, he hasn't collected donations and party funds from anybody till now. If at all, Pawan Kalyan is money minded, he would have done at least 5 or 6 movies post the release of 'Atharintiki Daredi'. But then, he has done only two films. All in all, Pawan Kalyan appears to be striving hard to make both ends meet. It was also proved that he was sincere at his statements on money matters.

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