Navdeep Fires On Media

 March 26 2016 at 9:42   183    Navdeep Controversies Media Farm House RAVE party Dinner with parents Journalis

Navdeep Fires On Media

Controversies weren't new to Navdeep. He is very familiar for controversies and it’s a well known fact. Recently we had witnessed a news making rounds about rave party at the actor's farm house.  So many leading media houses carried the news they didn't even bother to verify the reports and reach out to the hero for clarification.

Navdeep who is irked with these media houses fired on them.  He alleged that Media is trying to make use of his bad image for TRPs. He also said that if Media paid him at least Rs 1 every time for reporting his name he would have bought a Farm House by now.'

He also added 'Peddhalu families tho bond avuthu gadipina oka gruha prevashanni RAVE party chesina mahaanubhavulaki..paadhaabhivandhanalu!'. 'Hilarious news of the day! Dinner with parents and families - rave party! When questioned about it say "cant name my sources!" #journalism #Hatsoffs'.

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