Nayaki releasing with Zero publicity

 July 15 2016 at 8:04   226    Nayaki Trisha Publicity Horror

Nayaki releasing with Zero publicity

Trisha is a star heroine. Never her films released amidst such deserted, meager publicity as what is happening now with ‘Nayaki.’ In fact, public is nowhere informed about the release. Right from the go, nothing appeared sensational with this horror thriller project made as Telugu, Tamil bi-lingual. 

According to reports, ‘Nayaki’ actual producer Giri who once happened to be Trisha’s manager went bankrupt during production. However, he got most of film wrapped up in hurry and director Govi was helpless.

Taking financial assistance from Raj Kandukuri, somehow they also packed whole post production works to sell ‘Nayaki’ Tamil rights at whopping Rs. 3 Crores. Meanwhile, Telugu theatrical rights are also sold most in area wise at fair prices making sure that Giri is saved by big time much before release. 

When time has come for crucial promotions, everyone including heroine Trisha, music director Raghu Kunche showed reluctance because none of their financial commitments were fulfilled. Despite all the damage done, Trisha being only face to rescue ‘Nayaki’ remained dedicated to publicize the movie on own for which again there was no proper support from producer and his team. She is quite angry and forlorn with demoralized behavior from the whole team.

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