New political parties in Telugu States ?

 April 01 2016 at 12:42   374    Political parties Telugu States Kammas YSRCP TRS Telangana AP

New political parties in Telugu States ?

TDP is traditionally known as the party of Kammas in United AP and true to the perception, it has been used by this caste as a counterweight to the Reddy dominated Congress. Bifurcation and also emergence of YSRCP and TRS has changed all equations.

Now, although it still retains good chunk of BC voters in Telangana even after losing much of them to TRS, the TDP is now more or less being owned by non-Congress and non-TRS Reddys. It's star attraction Revanth Reddy is making sure that other Reddys too join later!

In AP, with Jyothula Nehru too abandoning Jagan Mohan Reddy, other Kapu leaders are also expected to quit YSRCP. Babu is doing everything he can to stump Mudragada Padmanabham and make sure TDP retains Kapu vote bank even for 2019 elections.

The party lost Velamas in Telangana on a platter to TRS while it will continue to be dominated by Kammas. If TDP makes any dent in Jagan’s Reddy vote bank in Rayalseema, then the situation would become alarming for YSRCP!

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